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Getting Rid of Crickets: Remedies and Prevention’s

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Crickets are those annoying creatures which may live at the basements or in the lawn. These are not harmful in smaller number. However, if the number increases, they might bring harm as well. All four types of crickets are found in cozy and comforting spaces in the house, lawn, basements, and more. Question here arises if we can get rid of crickets or not. And the answer to it is: Yes! We can work on getting rid of crickets. In this article we have discussed remedies and preventions of getting rid of crickets.

Getting Rid of Crickets

Home Remedies of Getting Rid of Crickets:

Seven easy and most effective remedies to handle production of crickets, preventing from spread of crickets in all the places are mentioned below. The best part of these remedies is the result which is mostly good. All these remedies are tested and experienced.

Remedy 1: Use of Setting Traps:

  • Put traps in the areas where there are traces of finding crickets.
  • Assuring their placement in moist and warm areas is recommended.
  • Place soapy water in the pitfall traps so that insects fall in the soap and not elsewhere.

Remedy 2: Throw Trash Outside:

  • Keep all the garbage outside home.
  • Buy such bins for trash which are sealed from the mouth.
  • Those dustbins must be disposed regularly.

Remedy 3: Molasses:

  • Take molasses and place them in a bowl.
  • Fill the remaining portion of the bowl with water.
  • Molasses are crickets’ love and when they will smell it, naturally a jump will be made.
  • Change whatever bowl may hold frequently to maintain cleanliness.

Remedy 4: Using Bug Sprays:

  • Bring bug sprays and direct the nozzle in the air where you see cricket.
  • Press the nozzle directly on the focused cricket.
  • Wait for some time to see dead cricket on the floor.
  • Repeat frequently to get best results in the reduced amount of crickets at home.

Remedy 5: Removal of Bright Lights:

  • Take out all those bulbs and lights which are bright.
  • Too dark is also a problem as it attracts other species which are accustomed to darkness.
  • Bring lights which are mild bright and does not affect people in the house.

Remedy 6: Sealing House:

  • Take some plaster or cement.
  • Mix it with water.
  • Fill all the smallest and tiniest spaces to get rid of crickets.
  • Also place weather strips for windows.

Remedy 7: Vacuum Cleaner and Getting Rid of Crickets:

  • Vacuum with high pressure of air.
  • Make sure that you have vacuumed nicely in all the corners and spaces in the wall, etc.
  • Repeating it daily at least once can bring positive results.

Last Verdict:
Last but not the least, there are many other ways to get rid of crickets. Cutting the bushes and keeping lawn clean is one of the other ways to get rid of these creepy insects. All these remedies however are considered best ways to get rid of crickets.

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